Garden Of Notes
- A film by Jeff McCarty

Garden of Notes      (MOV - 106.97MB)                     - same page in Portuguese

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Through the link just above, you can download the short film
Garden of Notes”, by Jeff McCarty, about us, “Os Mutantes”. You'll see me there, even in cartoon form.

Jeff McCarty

Jeff McCarty is, first, a good friend of mine.

Today Hollywood filmmaker, Jeff was born in Chicago and was passionate disciple of the cinema since the age of four. He graduated from the USC School of Cinema-Television before writing, producing and directing his first film, “The Ballad of PonyBoy”.

So far, Jeff and I exchanged 2,389 e-mail messages. I have his wedding photos framed on a shelf here at home, waiting for his promised visit, when he comes to Brazil.

Many of these e-mail information tells him episodes of our life as “Os Mutantes”, and also include suggestions about the film “Bread and Circuses”, which he intends to produce and in which opening credits he said will include my name along with his name and the name of Steven Kedrowski - co-author, because of that collaboration.

It was by suggestion of Jeff McCarty that I wrote “We, Mutantes”, in English, which is awaiting the language review promised by Jeff and authorizations from the other members of “Os Mutantes” to be published here in CCDB Livros - and perhaps, by a publishing house abroad, paper printed.

Click on the photo on the right to see a screenshot of “Garden of Notes” (at 1'43'') that shows me on stage alongside the other Mutantes in one of the legendary festivals. Here I was playing the melody on the audio generator that I myself manufactured; Rita, the Theremin which I created for her; Arnaldo, the bass “Jazz Bass” I gave him to parody the original (Fender) - Arnaldo's bass is much superior, its arm is longer and the instrument produce better sound; Sérgio, the more-than-legendary Guitarra de Ouro Regvlvs Raphael (Golden Guitar Regvlvs Raphael) number I.

Later I manufatured even better instruments for Arnaldo, such as the Guitarra-Baixo de Ouro Regvlvs (Golden Regvlvs Bass Guitar), which sound you can hear on LP and on CD “Hoje é o Primeiro Dia do Resto da Sua Vida” (Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life), where I played bass drum, had my voice present in the recording and, as shown in the cover of the LP and the CD booklet, was the responsible for the sound.

- CCDB - 21 -06-2011

CCDB plays on-stage during the MPB Festival with the other Mutantes and Gilberto Gil - “mov” produced by BOSSANOVAFILMS

    Ky dances Proust Remembered - entirely in English, this page presents the link for downloading to your computer the great video animation Ky “dances Proust Remembered” by CCDB with the character of his book “Géa”, the ballerina Ky, dancing with the ghost of Nysio Degan! This is by far the most downloaded video on this site ever! FULL HD 1920x1080!



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